News from Jacaranda Estate

Cellar Door Opening

On Friday night 1st December Jacaranda Estate was officially opened by Councillor Peter Epov who represented Mid Coast Council and the Mayor.

Over 100 guests enjoyed the Estate’s wines and beer and the Host of the Manor House Apartment, Tim McLean, cooked a magnificent dinner of spit roasted lamb, smoked chicken and sausages made from Wingham beef.

Belinda complimented the meal with a range of salads and there was nothing left of the lamb.

Will Rickard-Bell, the Estate’s winemaker travelled from Orange and stayed the night in the Manor House Apartment. After his 8 hour trip he relaxed before the night with a swim in the indoor pool and enjoyed a great breakfast cooked by Tim on the Saturday morning.

It was a night of celebration and congratulations with many of the Estate’s friends, contractors and tradespeople along with many residents of Appletree Street. Also, many new friendships were made with other local business people.

So..after 4 years of intensive effort Jacaranda Estate is open for business!

The Vines

Veraison has begun with some bunches of Pinot Noir showing full colour and the Chardonnay starting to soften.

The vineyard is entirely disease free with a prolific crop of tight bunches. All foliage has been trained to grow vertically which is a grapevine’s natural tendency being an apically dominant plant.

The only trimming that has been done are the canes that have grown more than 30cm (6 inches) above the Bella Wire which is 2.2 metres (7 feet) above ground. The canopy is an average of only 25 Cm (10 inches) wide meaning that every leaf is exposed to the sun.

It is Belinda and Mark’s son, David, who does a pass through the vineyard at least every second day, keeping the canes within the eight sets of foliage wires and ensuring they are all vertical. Intensive agriculture?  You bet!